About Harold Bare

Drs. Harold & Laila Bare

Drs. Harold & Laila Bare

Harold L. Bare, Sr., Ph.D.
Senior Pastor
Covenant Church
Charlottesville, Va.

Dr. Harold L. Bare, Sr., is a former social worker/counselor and college lecturer. While serving Covenant Church since 1981, he has authored several books, including A Month of Sundays, They Call Me Pentecostal, Hell is War, and numerous articles. Pastor Bare completed his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia. He is married to Dr. Laila Bare. Concurrently Laila earned her Ed.D. from Virginia Tech and is a sought after public speaker. They have three children, Danny, Dana, and Joshua, and 7 grandchildren.


3 thoughts on “About Harold Bare

  1. Hello Harold…enjoy reading your Musings. Very thought provoking and meaningful. Such be a requirement for all young preachers before finally licensing act. Appreciate your burden and willingness to share. Praying for greater things in your life and Laila. Be Blessed.

  2. Pastor,
    Keep up the good work. Sandy and I are Praying for you daily. You are truely a blessing to the body of Christ. We are very happy that the Lord caused our paths to cross!

    Yours in Christ,
    Michael Blankenship

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