Fixing Gates

Tuesday Musings of a Pastor – Fixing Gates
February 28, 2017
During my childhood there were private roads in rural areas that were shared courtesy of neighboring farmers.  Intermittently in crossing from one property to another there were gates typically made of rails or boards that slipped into notches on opposing posts.
Someone walking might lower only one rail. For a moving vehicle to go through the gate it might be necessary to completely remove all rails. After driving the vehicle through the gate the driver would have get out and put the rails back in place.

Failure to replace the rails could allow livestock to cross into another farmer’s land, gardens, cornfields and wheat. Or the livestock might disappear to never be found.

Failure to replace rails soon earned a reputation for carelessness, disrespect and neighborly grace was withdrawn. It might take hours or days for the loss of livestock to be realized. Of course, damage to a neighboring farmer’s property/fields/crops could be a sore issue.

There seems to be many ministers letting gates down and leaving them down. People are crossing into unfamiliar territory beyond safe boundaries, wandering around in no-man’s-land, getting lost in sin and doing a lot of harm to themselves and others.

It is disturbing that persons with high degrees often feel compelled to exalt the esoteric, to flaunt their liberties, and to talk more about how they disagree with the Bible moreso than how they agree.

Books and treatises are written without any compelling argument of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ saving us from sin.

They base their thoughts on the odd twists of their own personality. They construe the whole Bible in order to make it a prosperity message.  They relegate the Coming of Jesus to a social movement of modern history as if the disciples did not believe in an imminent return of Jesus.

Shaking my head in wonder and puzzlement over self-exalted scholarship, I have to ask why people who believe in Jesus would spend more time questioning the Gospel than promoting the Gospel. Why do they spend so much time trying to convince saints how to wander around in another farmer’s field instead of teaching people how to share the simple message that Jesus saves?

I am in consternation that supposed scholars in America do not realize that their egocentric conjectures about theology would be soundly rejected by the Christian scholars in Africa, Asia, India, etc. When theology is so tangled that it diminishes Christ, it is not Biblical.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Many times, too many times, I have seen women leave men who were rich, handsome and had all the toys and choose a life with a man not handsome and of modest economic means. Lacking the simplicity of love, romance disappears!

My journey is ever toward the simplicity of the gospel: JESUS SAVES, HEALS AND DELIVERS! Some of the most erudite scholars in our intellectual community have shared that they attend Covenant because the messages are simple! They say it as a compliment.

Occasionally [not very often because my stomach cannot handle the indigestion], I flip through TV channels to look at various religious programs. It is appalling that the content of many programs is directed to the blessing of saints. Of course, the blessing always comes with the price tag of monies to sponsor the “feel good” ministry.

Enough. We are not called to let the gate down for people to roam satisfying their flesh. We are called to preach JESUS. We are not called to preach with the intent of others being impressed with our intellect. We are called to point the way to the CROSS.

Finally, I must share with you news of a pause. Covenant Church is in a building program we hope to finish by Resurrection Sunday. Upon completion of the current building program, we need to launch another $2,500,000 building program by May. We are on a difficult timeline. Our attendance is increasing. It is harvest time!

In prayer I have had to reckon with my schedule. I love writing Tuesday Musings. However, the time involved must be dedicated to my part in the current challenges of Covenant Church. At least for a season, I must sign off.

You have traveled with me with Tuesday Musings since March 2009, not missing a week. My hope is that we will be able to someday compile a series and publish.

Yes, it is possible that I may from time-to-time MUSE.

Pray for me that as Lead Pastor I may serve Covenant well to victory of this next phase!

It would mean a lot to hear from you.

Much love,
Pastor Bare
Philippians 4:8

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The second book in trilogy is written. The third book is in process.

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