The Future

Tuesday Musing of a Pastor – December 28, 2016
The Future


My hand beside of foot of new parishioner.

Pastor Harold and Laila Bare

The Future

I am a powerful believer that if we do not study history we tend to repeat history’s failures.

Of the top 50 universities in the United States, only about six require every student to take a class in Western Civilization. Forget Civics, which is a study of our government and how it works – it might suggest patriotism.  Who cares about patriotism? But not to study who we are and how we got here? Not to understand our roots? Not to have a basis of historical understanding for our law, our courts, our school system, our religion(s)?

Compound this insanity with the madness of liberal professors outnumbering conservative professors in U.S. colleges and universities by 5 to 1. This is a radical increase of liberals in the last 50 years. Indications are that once a person acknowledges being liberal there is a progressive move toward the extreme Left. The further Left persons move the more they tend to accept diverse views of religions, i.e., not believe in Jesus, or not believe in any god. Bluntly, they tend toward atheism or agnosticism. The percentage of atheists in the U.S. and the percentage of those who choose not to follow any mainstream religion is approaching 21% in a recent survey.

Left incorporates freedom to engage in sexual lifestyles of choice without a punitive god having any power to punish. Left favors abortion with unborn children not being human beings but things to be disposed of at the will of a mother if it interferes with her bodily pleasure or suggests future responsibility. Left favors evolution with the inherent rejection of a Creative God who has the power to judge human behavior. Left favors government tax money funding lifestyles not biblical and destructive to health and society.

We would be wise to study old kingdoms and realize that many world leaders are responding to current crises with the hope of one day restoring the glory of their past kingdoms. Has anyone been listening to Putin? History counts.

When the Israelites marched across the Jordan River the Lord God who had delivered them instructed that they rehearse their history of God’s provision with all future generations. From time to time God reminded the Israelites how He had delivered them by with the narrative of His Mighty Hand.

We are in a dangerous vacuum in these current times. Terrorism is not our greatest threat.

The greatest danger to Christianity is our failure to see that many of the people who are assuming common values with Christians are not Christian, do not go to church, do not profess a relationship with Jesus Christ and never refer to the Bible as a guide for their behavior, thinking or social action.

Being anti-abortion was once considered a Christian political stance.
Being anti-homosexual, et al was once considered a Christian political stance. Being anti-evolution was once considered a Christian political stance. Being anti-Israel was once considered a non-Christian stance.

There are politicians, religious figures and millions of common folks who are ANTI the above. But their ANTI is not rooted in the Bible or belief in Jesus Christ. For whatever reasons many folks who do not go to church, have never been born again, and who do not couch their political and social opinions in religious beliefs are ANTI or PRO to positions once considered indicators of Christianity.

We should be glad for voices raised against disastrous social and political policies. Good is good. Yet, being morally good is not salvific. Being good is not a ticket to heaven.

These are dangerous times in which folks are easily fooled to believe that political values are a result of Christ’s heart, and that heaven is attainable without a cross. No blood. No sacrifice at Calvary. No repentance. No changed heart. Just vote for things considered RIGHT.

We should not be surprised that the number of people who do not care about organized religion is increasing. If the church is no more than a self-righteous political party preaching “do good” under the cover of religion we have failed. There are many social organizations that “do good”.

We need an old-fashioned revival of the preached word under the anointing of the Holy Ghost that brings conviction of sin leading to salvation. We need a wake-up call in the pulpits of America that reaches to the pews of America. We need a meeting of the pulpit and pews at an altar.

We need the church to be a holy place with people meeting a holy God. We need fear and trembling before the Lord, not social gospel preached to comfort those who seek pleasure in this present world.

Pastor Bare

Thank you for your notes of encouragement as I write the Musings.  If you find them helpful, please feel free to forward to friends and ministers.  No charge as long as you do not sell.
It is a joy to hear from you.

Harold L. Bare, Sr., Ph.D.

Senior Pastor, Covenant Church
(434) 953-9065


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